Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Morning Meditation

the swelling crescendo of a chorus of grasshoppers and cicadas surrounded me and then fell away like waves of water washing upon a shore and then pulling back into the ocean. the sun's brightness permeated my closed eyes and bathed my insides with bright light. the heat of the sun hugged my cool body like a bearskin in the winter. a spicy scent from an unknown natural source punctuated the sweet air and i breathed in the aroma and filled my soul with its tang. i felt as if time was flowing in odd rhythms and standing still at the same time. it didn't matter to me which one it chose. time had no value or purpose as i sat bathing in the rhythm and heat and spice and bright of nature encircling me with love. I felt myself swaying and twisting and didn't know if it was real or my imagination. there was no time and i did not care to know the difference between reality and fiction. they were one and the same and it was pure and i was in ecstasy. in a flash, the heat of my body was unbearable and I had to shed the light robe hiding my nakedness from human eyes. i pulled and tugged until my shoulders were free of the garment and I could feel one breast free itself from the fabric as a cool breeze kissed its nipple. i breathed and felt my heartbeat resonating throughout my core, vibrating with the rhythm of my breath and the singing of cicadas. i twisted my head and heard the single song of a bird pierce the air and it was perfect. all of a sudden my eyes opened and the brightness of the green leaves seemed to embrace my spirit expanded from my body. the sun smiled through the branches and i was alone from humans but connected to all of nature.