Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why I Wore My Robe In The School's Front Office

I have a perfectly legitimate reason for standing in the front office of my son’s elementary school in my robe and a raincoat this morning. See, what happened was…

My husband, being the kind and considerate man that he is, quietly prepared for work without waking me. Before leaving, he reset the alarm clock for 8:00 am – the time my older son needs to get up and get ready for middle school. Slight problem… I needed to wake up at 7:00 am to start getting the younger son ready for elementary school.

At 7:45, I woke slowly and blinked uncomprehendingly at the alarm clock. Did the clock mean 7:45 as in the bus would be pulling up to pick up my younger child in 10 minutes? The child that was still slumbering peacefully upstairs?

Since I wasn’t scheduled to teach or attend any appointments until 11:30 am, I could wake him, get him ready and drive him to school. No problem, right? Right. I put on my red and white flowered robe, went upstairs, woke both kids, talked with them while they got ready, and made them breakfast as we packed lunches.

I glanced at the clock, saw that I had 15 minutes before the drive-thru child drop-off lane at the school would close, and leisurely suggested my son grab his coat and backpack since we only live 5 minutes from the school. I put on a pair of black sneakers with my red and white robe and threw on a short, hot pink raincoat. I thought to myself, “thank God for the drive-thru child drop-off,” and proceeded to reach for my keys in the key jar.

Keys. Where were the keys? I looked around the key jar, I dug in the bottomless pit of my mom-purse, I searched my coat pockets from yesterday. Nothing. Nowhere. I glanced at the clock. 5 minutes had elapsed. Only 10 minutes left. The keys had to be somewhere. I searched the kitchen table, the family room couch, and the floor beneath the dining room chairs. Nothing. Nowhere. 3 more minutes gone. My younger son began to feel my mood changing and he became tense. “Mommy… am I going to be late?” This was not a question I felt like answering right at that moment.

Just then, I saw my husband’s house keys on the dresser in our room. If his keys were here, that meant… Yep. He’d taken my key ring to work. My ring with the van key on it. Where in the world were the spare van keys?! I dug everything out of the key jar until I found it and raced out the front door with my son jogging breathlessly behind me.

Sigh… the last car was pulling out of the drive-thru child drop-off lane onto the main road just as I was pulling in. I had no choice but to drive up to the front of the school and park. Then it hit me – I was still wearing my red and white flowered robe with black sneakers and a short hot-pink raincoat. I blinked twice, took a deep breath and walked proudly into the school’s crowded front office like it was normal for a woman to be dressed as I was in a public place. I signed my son in, kissed him goodbye and walked back to my van with my head held high. Just then my cell phone rang.

“Hey Althea, the 9:30am Yoga teacher just canceled. Can you get here and teach her class in 20 minutes?” Sigh…

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Adventures of Mommypreneur!

The last thing I did before going to bed last night was mentally go through my schedule of activities for the following day:

7:45am Attend Governmental Business Meeting
11:00am Conference Call w West Coast
12:00pm Teach Corporate Yoga Class
2:00pm Conduct Audition & Interview for New Studio Instructor
3:30pm Get Younger Son from Bus & Mommy-Time
4:30pm Older Son Home & Mommy-Time
7:30pm Lead Meditation Discussion Group at the Studio

Here’s what actually happened:

6:45am Younger Son Vomiting & Diarrhea

7:00am Older Son Disgusted & Concerned at the Same Time

8:00am Washing Younger Sick Son's Soiled clothing and Linen

9:00am Consoling Sick Son, Cleaning Poop Off Floor & Arranging Doctor’s Appointment

9:30am Paying Bills Online, Typing Newsletter, and Responding to Business Emails

10:30am Rushing Sick Son out of Bathroom to Make Doctor’s Appointment on Time

10:45am Late for Doctor’s Appointment & Stuck Behind Slow-Moving Cement Truck

11:30am Still Sitting in Dr. Waiting Room While Sick People Cough Around Me (Ew)

11:45am Using My Cell Phone in the No-Cell Phone Zone in Dr. Waiting Room To Find A Sub For My Yoga Class

11:46am Staring Down Angry, Coughing Man That’s Staring At Me For Using My Cell Phone in the No-Cell Phone Zone

12:00pm Soothing Crying Sick Son While Dr. Flanges His Ears and Swabs His Throat

12:30pm Dropping Off Sick Son’s Prescription @ Drugstore

12:45pm Enjoying Chinese Food with Sick Son Who’s Not So Sick Anymore

1:30pm Rescheduling 2:00 Audition, Writing a Magazine Article, and Folding Laundry

2:30pm Returning Missed Phone Calls, Preparing Notes for Meditation Class, and Entertaining Sick-Not-So-Sick-Anymore Son

4:30pm Discussing Why Preteen Girls Need to Work Their Triceps in PE with Older Son

5:30pm Cleaning Kitchen, Cooking Dinner, Responding to Emails, Updating My Company’s Facebook Twitter LinkedIN YouTube SlideShare Blogger and Wordpress Accounts

6:30pm Kissing Husband, Asking Him About His Day, and Smiling As I Listen Attentively

6:45pm Printing Handout for Meditation Discussion Group

7:30pm Using my Soothing Voice to Lead 12 People Through Breath and Visualization Exercises in the Dark

8:45pm Discussing My Favorite Topic, Mind/Body Connections, With Meditation Class Members

9:00pm Listening to Mom Chastise Me For Letting Her Grandson Get Sick

9:30pm Walking Around in Circle in Kitchen Confused About Where I Should Be and What I Should Be Doing

10:30pm Looking With Dismay At The Mess of Papers and Bills and Crap I Left On My Bed at 9:30am

10:31pm Leaving Bedroom Because I Cannot Handle the Mess and Clutter Right Now

11:00pm Blogging About Today Because I Can’t Get In My Bed To Go To Sleep

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Kids' Mind Power

I knew when I looked out the window at the kids having a snowball fight at 9:30pm last night that there probably wouldn't be any school today. The temperature was dropping and snow was still falling, clinging to cars, trees, grass and the street. In Georgia, this is a strange and rare sight.

Secretly, I hoped it would keep snowing so my babies could enjoy the outdoor activities they loved when we lived up North. But the business side of me needed for the snow to stop, the temperature to hold, and schools to open today so I could go about my daily business.

Fast forward to this morning at 6:40am when my alarm went off. As I blinked, stretched and starting groping for the remote control to confirm if schools were closed, I heard a strange rustling and movement in the house. I don't have pets and my husband is out of town, so I was immediately on guard. I froze, listening to the continued movement. I grabbed my cell phone and a weapon as I crept to the bathroom to call 9-1-1. I was alert, ready to spring and fight when my 11-year old knocked lightly on the door calling, "Mom?" As my heartbeat returned to normal and I disconnected my 9-1-1 call, I looked at the strange apparition of my pre-teen son standing alert and awake at 6:50am on a school day. My mind couldn't comprehend the reality of this. Was this the same child who I have to shake, prod, push, and repeat "wake up, wake up" to about 20 times at 8:00am every Monday - Friday? What was he doing here? How was he able to wake up?

By the time, I found the remote, and turned to the news and opened my computer to check the status of school openings/closings, the 7-year old miraculously appeared in the doorway too! What strange phenomena was this? What magical power had sprinkled wake-up dust on my children while they slumbered?

After I confirmed that schools were indeed closed, the 11-year old broke into song... "JOY TO THE WORLD, THE LORD HAS COME..." and his 7-year old brother began to dance around him, stopping to pose in the mirror and smile at himself. I paused and looked at them in wonder, then I glanced at the clock. It was only 7:15am. The last time this miracle happened, it was Christmas Day.

I recently led a meditation discussion group where we discussed the power of the mind. We talked about the reality of being able to do anything you want to do if your mind allows the reality of it to exist. My kids proved that point perfectly this morning between the hours of 6:50 and 7:15am.

As I complete this blog, my children are playing together without fighting (another interesting development to note) and singing Jingle Bells. I have some work to do, but for the next few minutes, I'll allow January 8, 2010 to feel like a repeat of December 25, 2009.