Friday, January 8, 2010

My Kids' Mind Power

I knew when I looked out the window at the kids having a snowball fight at 9:30pm last night that there probably wouldn't be any school today. The temperature was dropping and snow was still falling, clinging to cars, trees, grass and the street. In Georgia, this is a strange and rare sight.

Secretly, I hoped it would keep snowing so my babies could enjoy the outdoor activities they loved when we lived up North. But the business side of me needed for the snow to stop, the temperature to hold, and schools to open today so I could go about my daily business.

Fast forward to this morning at 6:40am when my alarm went off. As I blinked, stretched and starting groping for the remote control to confirm if schools were closed, I heard a strange rustling and movement in the house. I don't have pets and my husband is out of town, so I was immediately on guard. I froze, listening to the continued movement. I grabbed my cell phone and a weapon as I crept to the bathroom to call 9-1-1. I was alert, ready to spring and fight when my 11-year old knocked lightly on the door calling, "Mom?" As my heartbeat returned to normal and I disconnected my 9-1-1 call, I looked at the strange apparition of my pre-teen son standing alert and awake at 6:50am on a school day. My mind couldn't comprehend the reality of this. Was this the same child who I have to shake, prod, push, and repeat "wake up, wake up" to about 20 times at 8:00am every Monday - Friday? What was he doing here? How was he able to wake up?

By the time, I found the remote, and turned to the news and opened my computer to check the status of school openings/closings, the 7-year old miraculously appeared in the doorway too! What strange phenomena was this? What magical power had sprinkled wake-up dust on my children while they slumbered?

After I confirmed that schools were indeed closed, the 11-year old broke into song... "JOY TO THE WORLD, THE LORD HAS COME..." and his 7-year old brother began to dance around him, stopping to pose in the mirror and smile at himself. I paused and looked at them in wonder, then I glanced at the clock. It was only 7:15am. The last time this miracle happened, it was Christmas Day.

I recently led a meditation discussion group where we discussed the power of the mind. We talked about the reality of being able to do anything you want to do if your mind allows the reality of it to exist. My kids proved that point perfectly this morning between the hours of 6:50 and 7:15am.

As I complete this blog, my children are playing together without fighting (another interesting development to note) and singing Jingle Bells. I have some work to do, but for the next few minutes, I'll allow January 8, 2010 to feel like a repeat of December 25, 2009.


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. It reminded me of all the "rain days" I would take off from my j-o-b to stay home and cocoon in a quiet house (kids at school) and just me and three or four movies, doing my hair...
    Thanks Althea, beautiful way to start my day.

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