Tuesday, December 22, 2009


July 11th, 2007
I love pampering. I think pedicures, taking vacations and just sitting around in my pajamas watching movies when the house needs to be cleaned is fantastic. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m pretty laid back and I know how to “chill.” But there’s another side to me. My classmates from business school or the people who were in the Student Senate with me in college know a different Althea (and they like to remind me about that Althea all the time) - They know the professional, driven, business Althea. When I left my corporate job, chopped off all my hair (that was before the locs) and had children, I let 50% of the driven, business Althea go. She was a little too intense for me. However, 50% of her is still lurking beneath the locks, waiting for me to finish my Yoga sessions, morning meditations, and evening jogs around the soccer field where my son plays. As soon as I get into my office and start taking calls, going through the mail and bills, negotiating contracts, or discussing media opportunities she creeps out. I find myself subconsciously hunching my shoulders, rounding my back, breathing in short breaths and perspiring for no reason. The truth? I’m still stressed - just not as much as before. How did I find out? A massage I received 4 years ago told the truth. As soon as the masseuse touched the area between my shoulder blades just below my neck… ugh! It was so painful. To this day, I still have knots in my shoulders, and massage in that area is extremely uncomfortable and painful. I started acupuncture last month. It helped to end a pain I had in my hip for the last year. But those knots in my upper back? They’re still hanging on. I’m taking my own advice - patience and constant reminders to breathe deep and relax my shoulders when I’m in the office. Right now, though… I just took a break to force my shoulders down and roll my head around my neck. (Those knots are still there.)

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